William Hill High 5 offer, my guide to profiting from this offer!

William Hill High 5 offer

Another great offer from William Hill is the High 5 offer. Much like the 2 clear offer, this offer is for horse races only. The biggest difference between the High 5 offer and the 2 clear offer, is the William Hill High 5 offer is for jump races only. The 2 clear offer is for the flat races.

To qualify for a free bet from the High 5 offer, you must simply back a horse that wins by 5 lengths or more. You can qualify for a maximum of a £100 free bet which equates to 15% of your winnings. This means you would have to win £670 from your stake at William Hill to qualify for the maximum £100 free bet with the High 5 offer. If you are doing matched betting, it can be easy to get greedy with this offer and start aiming for the £100 free bet all the time. However, this can be a sure fire way to get your account gubbed with William Hill. A good thing to do is to mix up this offer with the 2 clear offer so that you are not doing one specific type of race so keep an eye out to see which races qualify for the High offer.

When doing this offer, there must be 6 or more runners in the race and the bet can be placed just before the race goes off as long as it was placed after 17:30 UK time the day before. A general rule is the High 5 offer only qualifies for races that are live on ITV. The full terms and conditions for the High 5 offer can be found here.

William Hill High 5 offer

William Hill High 5 offer

Matched betting

When doing the High 5 offer with William Hill, you should aim to keep your qualifying losses low so that during times when you are not getting free bets with this offer, you are never losing much money. If you choose horses whose odds are far apart, you will suffer from bigger losses and could eat into your margins much more significantly. To keep your qualifying losses even lower, use Smarkets by signing up to them here. This is because the commission is only 2% on Smarkets and the commission at say Betfair is 5%. With offers like the High 5 offer where returns are not guaranteed every time you place the “bet” button, you should aim to keep your qualifying losses as low as possible all the time.

When you do back a horse with the High 5 offer and it ends up winning by 5 clear lengths or more, you can expect to get a free bet to 15% of whatever your winnings are. The maximum free bet is £100 so if you qualified for this free bet, you could make £80 by time you have placed it at higher odds on William Hill and placed a corresponding lay bet on Smarkets. If you aim to take a loss of maximum £5 every time you attempt the High 5 offer, when it does eventually come in, the losses will be a lot less than the profit you make from the free bet which will still provide you with a good return. Therefore this offer does provide good value and ensuring you are doing this offer profitably is important so I recommend using Smarkets so that you are taking advantage of the 2% commission on their platform opposed to the 5% charged by Betfair.

Another good strategy would be to use this offer in combination with the other offers by William Hill so you are diversifying your matched betting activity on William Hill. The last thing you want, is to be gubbed by William Hill who post great reload offers on their platform daily. Sticking to one offer and getting greedy with it will get your account gubbed much faster. I have learned this from my own experience and got gubbed as soon as I was placing lots of bets on one particular reload offer due to me becoming very greedy. If you are doing the High 5 offer and the 2 clear offer, that shows you are keen on betting on different kinds of races and not just the jumps nor the flat races and adding in the 4 means more offer into that mix, will show you bet on a variety of sports events which is good for avoiding your account becoming gubbed. Matched betting profits is about longevity and you need your accounts open and not gubbed in order to achieve that so don’t become greedy with just one offer on William Hill.

The High 5 offer is another type of offer by William Hill which is proving to provide great returns for people who participate in the offer. I have seen many people on the Oddsmonkey forum making plenty of money from this offer and one person posted that he made over £500 in a month from just this offer alone so be sure to take part in qualifying for the free bets. I personally would aim for the £50 free bets rather than the £100 free bets to start with as your stakes will be much bigger when going after the £100 free bets which may be too much too soon in the eyes of William Hill.


William Hill has a host of good reload offers right now for its customers and the High 5 offer is just one of them. It provides value for its customers and us as matched bettors it gives us entertainment as we will be shouting at the television for the horse we have backed to win the race by 5 clear lengths in the jumps races. Think of this offer as gambling without taking any risks as you won’t lose a lot of money if the horse doesn’t win by 5 clear lengths. This offer provides entertainment for us matched bettors where it doesn’t normally and also good value as it will make you a profit in the longer term. You can join William Hill by signing up here.

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