William Hill Acca Insurance, my guide to profiting from this offer!

William Hill Acca Insurance

William Hill also offer another great reload offer on their website for new and existing customers which is called  William Hill Acca InsuranceWilliam Hill Acca insura. As you can tell by the name, this relates to accumulator bets only and allows us matched bettors to guarantee a profit no matter what happens during all selections in the accumulator bet.

The insurance part of the offer comes in the form of a free bet which means that if just one of our selections in our accumulator fails to win, we will get our stake refunded in the form of a free bet. There is a maximum limit on this sadly which is just £20 per day. This means the final selection on our accumulator bets must settle on different days. So if I had two accumulator bets, the final selection on my first accumulator would have to settle on the 6th March and the final selection on my second accumulator would have to settle on the 7th March. If you have a situation where you have more than one accumulator settling on one day, you will find you will only have a refund free bet on just one of those accumulators.

The maximum refund used to be £50 which meant your profits were much more substantial and you could do as many accumulator bets as you wanted each day. Back in March 2017, I took advantage of this and enabled myself to make several thousand in profit alone just from this offer. Even now the terms have altered slightly; it is still totally possible to make a few hundred pounds on this fantastic William Hill acca insurance offer each month.

The acca insurance offer at William Hill is also now available across all sports which is amazing because you were only allowed to use this offer on a few selected sports when the refunds were £50 but now you can have refunds on any sport you wish to. Of course, the most popular sport to do this acca insurance offer with is football and because there are so many football games daily, you can be sure to make plenty of profits with just William Hill alone. In any given accumulator where you want to try and get the refund, you will need an accumulator of at least 5 selections. Any less than 5 selections and your accumulator will fail the terms and conditions of the offer, so when doing this offer, ensure you have at least 5 selections included in your accumulator bets.

The minimum odds on each selection in your William Hill accumulator must also be at least 1.20 or 1/5 in fractional odds. Anything less than this on each selection and your accumulator bet will again fail the terms and conditions, so please be careful and ensure the odds are above 1.20! The full terms and conditions for this William Hill accumulator insurance offer can be found by clicking here.

William Hill Acca Insurance

William Hill Acca Insurance

Matched betting with the acca insurance offer

When doing matched betting on accumulator refunds, it will require you to learn how to do this first of all and a service like Oddsmonkey can really show you the ropes. When I first started accumulator refunds with Oddsmonkey in March 2017, I had never done an accumulator refund offer before and so I wasn’t sure how exactly how to do them at first. However once I started to use what I learned from Oddsmonkey into practice, I made £2,800 from accumulator refunds alone in my first of doing them! The key to making plenty of profit from accumulators is to as many as you can possibly do! In that month, I placed a staggering 269 accumulator bets meaning my average profit per acca that I did was £10.40. Not bad at all considering most of the selections all settled around a similar time-frame too.

Using Oddsmonkey is great when trying to profit from offers like these as they have the software which will save you a lot of time and will get you making profits much faster. Their newly developed acca finder software will scan the William Hill site to bring you up the most profitable accumulator bets to do at the click of the refresh button. If you were to find these selections yourself, you could potentially spend hundreds of hours a month just to make the same amount of money. You can join Oddsmonkey today by clicking here.

On the acca finder tool, I always place my accumulator bets using the lock-in method which guarantees a profit for me every time I place an accumulator. Given how unpredictable the world of sports betting actually is, I would rather hit a profit every time rather than get profits hit and miss. The other methods mentioned on the acca finder tool are more risky than the lock-in method and if you are happy with not so consistent results then these methods are more suitable for you. However, when I place an acca I know 100% that I will make a profit from the bets I am about to place. So if you are not sure how to place accumulator bets, you can be sure you will learn exactly how to by using Oddsmonkey’s fantastic service.


William Hill are a great website and a huge company so you can always be sure you are betting with a leading company in the betting industry when betting with them. In other words, your money is totally safe with them and they are totally to be trusted. Their accumulator insurance offer is just another one of the great reload offers that William Hill offers its existing customers in attempt to keep them sweet by giving them their money back in the form of a free bet. The full terms of the William Hill acca insurance offer can be found again by clicking here.

For matched bettors, this means we can use this to our advantage and actually guarantee ourselves a profit no matter the end result of a football game. Accumulator bets are very easy to place and make money from once you know how to, if you are unsure how to do these types of bets, you are missing out on hundreds of pounds extra in profit each month so learn how to do them with Oddsmonkey by joining here.

If you are not already with William Hill, be sure to join them today and get a free £30 free bet in the process by clicking here.

If you are interested in reading in more detail, try my Oddsmonkey review and Smarkets review today.

Here is my YouTube video guide.

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