William Hill 4 means more, my guide to profiting from this offer!

William Hill 4 means more offer

The 4 means more offer by William Hill is another great offer in the matched betting space. This offer follows a similar pattern to the 2 goals up offers that we have seen offered by Paddy Power and Bet365 in recent times. You are not necessarily guaranteed a free bet every time but again, when they do come in, the profits will be huge in comparison to previous low qualifying losses.

Fundamentally, the 4 means more offer by William Hill requires you to back a football team and if there are 4 goals scored in the game and the team you back win, you will receive a free bet. So let’s say I back Manchester United to beat Chelsea at William Hill and if the score finishes 3-1, 4-0, 3-2, 5-1 etc I will receive a free bet from William Hill because there are 4 goals scored at least and Manchester United have won the football match. The 4 means more offer is currently only available on live Premier league games on both Sky sports and BT sport. The full terms of the offer can be found by clicking here. The amount you receive in free bets is 15% of your winnings up to a maximum of £50 free bet. This means to get the maximum £50 free bet every time, you should aim to win £333.33 in winnings on William Hill from your back bet. If we round this up to the nearest £10, this means we would need to win £340 on William Hill from our back stake. So at odds of 4.40, we would need to back £100 for example.

William Hill 4 means more offer

William Hill 4 means more offer

Matched betting

Of course if you are doing matched betting with this offer you should ensure you are laying the bets of as normal on the matched betting calculator. You should also ensure that your qualifying losses are kept as low as possible so that if the bet doesn’t go according to plan, you will at least not lose a lot of money from your qualifying bet. I have won a good amount of money on this offer as there are loads of games with 4 goals and a team winning the game like Huddersfield recently beating Bournemouth 4-1 which I didn’t see coming. Be sure that when you are doing this offer that your back odds are at least 1/5 or 1.20 to ensure you qualify for the 4 means more offer.

Again the full terms of the offer are available here so ensure you stick to them.

What makes this offer very unique is no other bookmaker offers this offer on their site or anything similar. Of course Paddy Power and Bet365 have the 2 goals up offer which William Hill doesn’t offer but this offer from William Hill is generally a good offer to do as well as part of your matched betting portfolio. The qualifying losses can only be £1 or £2.50 a time and once you get a selection that wins and there are 4 goals, you will be profiting a cool £37.50 every time no matter what happens. Plus this offer doesn’t rely on the typical guaranteed money every time like matched betting usually does. Instead, it adds a bit of excitement on your bets whilst removing the risk which is excellent! You can keep an eye on the scoreline and pray for the team you have backed to win and have 4 goals scored. When this happens you will certainly be quids in!

Think of this offer as gambling without the risk. Because we have placed a lay bet on the betting exchange, we are removing all possible risk that is associated with normal gambling. Of course, if the bet did come in and we were doing normal gambling, the returns would be far greater, however for the times when they don’t come in (and let’s be honest this will be the case) you will be at an even greater loss. Another way you could make the profits from this offer better, would be to underlay your bets so that when the team you back wins, you will break even. However, if the team loses you will make a slightly bigger qualifying loss. In my opinion, it would be better to do this offer using a standard match on the matched betting calculator.

When you pick a team that wins and there are 4 goals or more, you will receive the free bet where the stake is not returned (SNR). So when using this with William Hill, we want to be backing at higher odds so that our returns from the free bet will be greater than using lower odds. If you decide to aim for the maximum £50 free bet every time you do this offer, you can expect to make £40 from your free bet as you can normally expect to keep 80% of the free bet value when doing matched betting. To take a few qualifying losses of £1 or £2 to potentially make £40 does represent very good value. To ensure you have the best possible chance of this coming in more often than not for you, just make sure the selections you bet on, are very close to the lay exchange odds on Smarkets. I would not recommend using Betfair for this offer as the commission is greater which would eat into your profits further and would also increase your qualifying losses which are something we want to avoid. So for this offer and any other offer where the returns are not guaranteed, use Smarkets by joining them here.


4 means more by William Hill is a good offer that represents good value provided you aim for the maximum £50 free bet every time. If you aim for less than the maximum, you could be at a loss long term so always try and do this offer as if you are getting a £50 free bet every time you attempt the 4 means more offer. Be aware that you are not guaranteed a free bet all the time but when this does come in, you will be in great profit and will wipe out all your previous qualifying losses. You can join William Hill by clicking here.

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