William Hill 2 clear offer, my guide to profiting from this offer!

William Hill 2 clear offer

Another great offer that William Hill has to offer its customers is the 2 clear offer. The William Hill 2 clear offer is for horse racing only and refers to horses winning by 2 lengths or more. This offer applies to flat races only and must bets must be placed after 17:30 the day before the race and before the race actually starts. In other words, betting just before the race starts on the day of the race is a fine time to be placing your bets on the horse to win. There is another offer for jumps races called High 5 which takes place during the jumps season.

One of the best features of this race is you qualify for a maximum £100 free bet on your winnings, which is double that of the 4 means more offer also offered by William Hill. However you will have to also win significantly more money in William Hill as it is still 15% of the winnings. This means you need to win £666.67 to get the maximum £100 free bet. Rounding this to the nearest £10, would mean we need to win £670 a time to qualify for the £100 free bet with the 2 clear offer. You would have to have a great piece of fortune for this offer to come in for you as placing a bet at odds of 2.0 (evens) you would need to bet £670 to potentially win which is a lot of money to be betting anyway.

The best way to do this offer would be to bet on a horse where the odds are bigger and not the favourite as you won’t have to place as much of a bigger back stake on the horse. Qualifying for the £100 bet every time also isn’t necessary as you could aim for a £50 free bet and still walk away with £40 once you have done the matched bet with Smarkets. If you aim for the £100 free bet, you would get £80 every time but the amount of money you will be staking will be enormous in comparison. Getting greedy is also a sure fire way to potentially get your account gubbed by William Hill which is something we always want to avoid as William Hill is one of the best accounts to do matched betting with so longevity is crucial.

When doing the 2 clear offer, you want to ensure it is one of the races William Hill is including in the 2 clear offer for that day. If it is not, you won’t qualify for the offer so keep an eye out for the 2 clear logo on the race before placing your bets. The offer is only available on races which appear on terrestrial TV too which in other words is basically ITV. William Hill announces this daily so you can take part in this offer every day potentially. The full terms of the offer are available here. If you do get a free bet from William Hill on the back of this offer, be sure to use if straight away as you only get 4 days to use the free bet and it will disappear otherwise.

William Hill 2 clear offer

William Hill 2 clear offer

Matched betting

When doing the 2 clear offer, you should look to keep your qualifying losses low again which is similar to the 4 means more offer. This will ensure you are doing this offer as profitably as possible which is the whole point of doing matched betting; to make profits! If you keep picking selections where the odds are too far apart, then your qualifying losses will be bigger and when the horses don’t come in, you will find that it eats into your margins further. Ideally you should look to lose £5 maximum when doing this offer as losing £5 a time to potentially make a £100 free bet is great value. Once you have used the free bet, you will then make around £80 provided you get a good match on William Hill. Making £80 on a £100 free bet with William Hill should not be an issue as their odds are generally very good in comparison to Smarkets lay odds.

You won’t be guaranteed a free bet return every time with this offer much like the 4 means more offer. However, when the horse you back does win by 2 clear lengths, you will make a good sized free bet and you can expect to make a good profit of £40-£80 depending on whether you aim for a £50 or £100 free bet each time. The profit of £40-£80 will easily wipe out all previous losses when attempting this offer so overall this offer does represent good value.

The 2 clear offer should be used in combination of the other offer William Hill has to offer such as the 4 means more offer and the high 5 offer so that you are diversifying across a different range of offers where the returns are not guaranteed. It would be awesome if you could hit the horse that will win by 4 clear lengths all the time but that is unlikely to happen. However you stand a better chance of getting a free bet if you try all three of these offers. You can join William Hill here.


The William Hill 2 clear offer represents good value overall as the amount of money you could make from the free bet when it comes in, will be £40 or £80 depending on whether you aim for the £50 free bet or £100 free bet every time you back a horse that wins by 2 clear lengths. If you are losing a few quid each time like a maximum of £5 and a horse you back wins one in every 10 races you do, you will still be up £30 if you are aiming for the £100 free bet so don’t be put off by the fact that returns are not guaranteed with this offer. A lot of the bigger money in matched betting now is from offers like these so make the shift and start generating much more substantial profits than the typical “Bet £5 get £5”.

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