My essential Tubebuddy review and how it can grow your YouTube channel!

Tubebuddy Review

Tubebuddy is a fantastic piece of software which can be used to help you grow your YouTube channel and also provides you with the best possible tools to improve your YouTube channel. If you are looking to expand your YouTube channel or get started with YouTube but unsure what to do or how to best build your channel, Tubebuddy will be a great asset to helping you reach your goals on YouTube. Have a read of my Tubebuddy review!

Tubebuddy review

You can very easily install Tubebuddy on to your browser and this will also very easily work alongside your YouTube channel as soon as you login to YouTube via your gmail account. You can join Tubebuddy for free by clicking here.

This Tubebuddy review is based on my experience of using Tubebuddy since late January 2018 and I have purchased the pro version which is available at $9 a month. If you have less than 1,000 subscribers on your YouTube channel, you can actually save 50% and join Tubebuddy for just $4.50 a month which is equivalent to £3.30 a month. This is what I have done with Tubebuddy. The Tubebuddy free version is good for starting out, but you will find much better value in one of their paid subscription services.

Saves you time

The biggest selling point of Tubebuddy is the amount of time it can save you. If you use YouTube to manually enter your search tags and use a different service to create your thumbnails, you will already be aware that this can take a lot of time to do. As you can see with the below image, I have saved a lot of time in using Tubebuddy. Just from using it for 3 months, I have saved myself 161 hours of work which is almost a week!

With Tubebuddy, you can click which search tags you wish to use in your YouTube video rather than manually having to type in the search keywords you are trying to target. The can be split between related search tags (for your channel) or for the specific video you are adding the tags to. The maximum number of letters you can include for search tags per video is 500 and it is important to use them all to make the most of your search results. Instead of having to enter 500 letters each time, you can do all this at the click of a button with Tubebuddy which saves a lot of time.


Another great thing about Tubebuddy is the analytics which can be derived from using their service. You can see where your YouTube traffic is coming from and which videos are receiving the most view hours, the most interaction and even the demographics of your videos. The analytics that can be found on Tubebuddy can therefore help you going forward by being able to target better keywords for your videos and search tags which will lead to more traffic coming to your videos.

Plus once you have entered the search tags you wish to target on your videos, a little green number will appear next to some keywords which show you how well those keywords are being ranked on YouTube. For example, some of my YouTube videos are ranked number 1 for some keywords such as “Oddsmonkey”.

How Tubebuddy has helped me

See the below image. You can see that from searching “Oddsmonkey” on YouTube, my video of “How I made over £4,000+ profit in 1 month matched betting with Oddsmonkey” is ranked number 1 on YouTube for the keyword “Oddsmonkey”. On the right hand side, you can also see that the top channel for Oddsmonkey is Corkie, which is my channel!

Tubebuddy review

Tubebuddy has helped me achieve these types of results by making my videos rank highly on YouTube for some of the most popular keywords and search terms. Particularly in the matched betting niche, many of my videos appear on YouTube’s search engine when you search for matched betting related content and the same applies to searching for Oddsmonkey.

Without using Tubebuddy, I would not have achieved such impressive results in such a short amount of time. I started on YouTube on 23rd January 2018 and got many of my videos ranked on page 1 of YouTube very quickly and this is thanks to Tubebuddy. The £3.30 spend each month is therefore excellent value for money in my opinion.

Checklist – the most useful feature

When starting on YouTube, there is a lot to take in and learn quickly that you can forget to add some essential components to your videos. Creating thumbnails, adding search tags, sharing your videos to social media, adding videos to a playlist are just a few of the essential components to making the most of each and every one of your YouTube videos. The Tubebuddy extension is for these browsers Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

Thankfully, Tubebuddy has a very useful feature called best practices. On the best practices checklist you can add which components you like that you feel will help you get your YouTube channel seeing better results quicker. Upon joining Tubebuddy, these components are already set on default and you can edit them at anytime to better suit your needs. By completing all the best practices, you can be sure you will find success in ranking your YouTube videos as highly as possible.

When you see the below image saying “All best practices complete” you can be sure you have one everything possible to make your videos stand the best chance of ranking on YouTube. This checklist also helps give you structure as all you need to do is make sure you do everything on the checklist each time you post a new video to YouTube.

Tubebuddy review


Tubebuddy is excellent value for money. From using Tubebuddy for just over 3 months, I have saved myself from having to do an extra 161 hours worth of work. Creating thumbnails and manually entering search tags can take a lot of time to do but with Tubebuddy, this is all of a sudden a much easier less time consuming process.

I am confident that if I did not use Tubebuddy, my YouTube channel would not have grown quite as quickly as it has done in such a short amount of time.  If you are looking to grow your YouTube channel or get started quickly on YouTube, purchasing a pro-licence with Tubebuddy is one of the best investments you can make. Saving me over 160 hours of work within 3 months is well worth the very small cost of just £3.30 a month. You can try Tubebuddy for free via the banner below and I hope you enjoyed my Tubebuddy review.

Tubebuddy review

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