The Catbets Affiliate Programme

Catbets have introduced their own affiliate programme to help Corkie’s subscribers make an additional income stream. The affiliate programme has been carefully put together to expand the Catbets website to help more people take advantage of Corkie’s knowledge in the matched betting space.

I also discovered that some of my subscribers were already telling their friends about Corkie’s products and I thought that was not fair to them. So I created this affiliate programme to give back to those subscribers who were actively telling their friends about the products I created. In return I have put together a very generous affiliate programme which can help you make an additional income stream each month.

Upon being successfully accepted on to the Catbets affiliate programme, you will receive commission as follows:

  • 45%on directly referring new customers to the Catbets website. This is on gross sales.
    So if you refer a customer to purchase “Corkie’s Casino System” which is on sale for £19.99, you would receive a commission of £9.00 (45% of £19.99 = £9.00).
  • 5%on referring new affiliates to the Catbets affiliate programme. This is on gross sales.
    So if you refer an affiliate to the Catbets affiliate programme and that affiliate makes a sale of “Corkie’s Casino System”, you would receive a commission of £1.00 (5% of £19.99 = £1.00). This is in addition to you referring new customers to the Catbets site. You could refer 0 customers but refer an affiliate who makes 100 sales of “Corkie’s Casino System” and earn £100.00.


If you refer 10 customers and just one affiliate who also refers 10 customers to purchase “Corkie’s Casino System”, you would receive:

  • Your 10 customers: £90.00(£9.00 * 10 = £90.00)
  • Your affiliate who refers 10 customers: £10.00(£1.00 * 10 = £10.00)
  • This would earn you a total of £100.00.

Affiliate marketing is a hard business to be involved in. That is why I have decided to introduce the tier level, by giving 5% on referring new affiliates to the Catbets site. This way if you don’t get any new customers to purchase Corkie’s products, you still have the ability to rely on your referred affiliate(s) to bring in some extra income for you.

The commission percentages listed above apply to both current products on the Catbets site and all future products!

Rather than blowing loads of money on advertising, whether it be Facebook ads, Twitter ads or even Pay-per-click with Google, I would rather help give back to the matched betting community I have started. You are the people I want to help make some extra money, not the directors of massive companies!

You can join the Catbets affiliate programme below and your account will be approved within 24 hours of you completing your application.

Click here to join the Catbets Affiliate Programme

The Catbets Affiliate Programme