The 2018/2019 Football Season Preview

The 2018/2019 Football Season Preview

As the new football season is just around the corner, I thought I would put together this brief guide on helping you best profit from the brand new 2018/19-football season!

During the 2017/18 football season, I learned many new skills in the matched betting space and I have applied them to real world matched betting situations which has made me more aware of what works and what doesn’t in this amazing space. In this article, I will show you what I found works very well from my experiences last season and this will also help you look at where to focus your efforts during the upcoming football season.

Some of the skills I learned from last season; I also applied to the month long World Cup over June and July to some great success. Over June and July 2018, I made a combined £3,500.00 profit from matched betting which is amazing because in June and July 2017, they were my lowest earning months due to the lack of football during the summer downtime.

Matched betting on the football can be very lucrative. One of the reasons people seem to struggle making a good profit from the football is because they are simply not looking in the right places. As a professional matched bettor, I can show you exactly what I look for whenever there is an influx of football games to do matched betting on. So grab a coffee, relax and enjoy reading this article.

2 Up Offers

The 2 up offers, early payout offers, or 2 goals ahead offers, are simply one of the best ways to make money from matched betting. They are also one of the most fun ways to make money matched betting in the football markets. Sure there are no guarantees, but that all adds to the fun and excitement!

You may be thinking, “but Corkie, there are no guaranteed profits here, how can I make good money from the 2 up offers?” Well there are no secrets. My strategy for the 2 up offers is to always stick to the underdog. By backing the underdog, you are taking a less potential qualifying loss and because the odds are larger on an underdog, you could make a few hundred quid when they come in. By sticking to a strong favorite with a similar stake, you are risking a larger potential qualifying loss for not much profit when it does come in.

I always look to try and lose a maximum 2.5% of my back stake at the bookmakers. So if I was to stake £50, I would try and make my potential qualifying loss no more than £1.25. If it is higher than £1.25, I would simply leave it alone and look for the next opportunity; don’t worry there are loads of opportunities. Generally, I would also not allow myself to lose any more than £1 per game I do. So essentially whichever is the largest out of 2.5% of my stake or £1 is my limit. This is what you must do also. If you don’t have your own thresholds, you are basically taking less value which means your results will become more staggered. By sticking to your own principles, you will get the best results because that way you are only taking a small potential qualifying loss.

For example, if I was staking £50 a time and only losing £1.25, that would mean I can lose 40 games in a row before I lose my entire stake of £50. To think some people gamble their own £50 on one game is why gambling is a mugs game; well and truly. The 2 up offers are value provided you stick to your principles otherwise you are taking less value.

Last season, this proved to be successful for me one in twelve games. That is of course by sticking to my strategy and trusting the numbers over the longer term.

My most recent success was the Belgium/Japan game in the world cup. I backed Japan to win and they went 0-2 up! Then the rest is history. Belgium won 3-2 with a 90+4th minute winner! This made me £237.24 from a £25 stake and a potential qualifying loss of £0.26! This took me literally about 3 minutes to get sorted too! Much better return on my time than grafting on weekly club offers, which make you barely £3 at most from around half an hour’s work.

Outright Betting (William Hill Online & Plus Card) – Get On This Before 10th August when Man Utd Play Leicester City

If you read my pre-World Cup article, I spoke about the outright betting markets, which William Hill offered a great offer on. Well Hills are doing the same for the first month of the new football season, August. You get a £5 freebet every time your team wins a game in 90 minutes and every time your goalscorer scores inside 90 minutes.

Simply place a £20 bet online on the outright winner market at William Hill and get a £5 freebet every time your team wins. So if I back £20 on Man City, I will get a £5 freebet everytime Man City win a game in August.

Also, if I place a £20 back bet at Hills online on the top goalscorer market, I will also get a £5 freebet everytime my player scores a goal!

You can do this both online and in store using a plus card! This means you can basically grab a £10 freebet everytime instead of £5!

Make sure you place your qualifying bets before the Man Utd/Leicester game on 10th August to qualify.

One other tip I want to share with you is to consider backing a selection with lower odds. That way your liability won’t be too high. Last thing you want is to be backing £20 at odds of 15.0 and then having £300 tied up until May next season. My recommendation is to back Man City or Liverpool and then maybe Salah to be top goalscorer. I will be placing my bets on this market before kick off next Friday 10th August to ensure my odds are close as possible. I recommend you do the same.


Accumulators can also be very lucrative in the football markets. The only accumulator I recommend focusing your efforts are the acca insurance offers whereby you receive a refund in the form of a freebet to the stake you place if one selection fails to win.

Back in March 2017, I placed 269 accumulators and made a total of £2,800.00 on accumulators alone. The best way to make a good profit from accumulators is by doing them in volume. Don’t just do one acca, do 10! Your profit will be 10x opposed to doing just one and this is where I managed to make a good profit from them each month during the football season.

Ladbrokes Shops. I tried this out before Oddsmonkey even added them to their acca finder tool. I did 10 accumulators in  a Ladbrokes store to try it out and it worked. I used their acca 5 coupon on 10 different accumulators and they all lost due to 2 selections failing to win. This made me a profit of £60, which was ace! I didn’t even have to go back to the store to collect my winnings or receive my freebets! Because you do them in-store there is potentially no limit to how many accumulators you can place! This means you can place as many accumulators as your bankroll will allow you to.



Reload Offers

Arguably the best way to make money from matched betting long after the initial sign up offers is via the reload offers which follow.

Most of my matched betting income during the football season comes from the many reload offers, which I receive and also take part in. I take part in reload offers in two different ways:


Make sure you have access to your email inbox on your mobile phone. That way on a Saturday morning you can keep track of what reload offers are coming your way. Just jump on the offers you like the look of and place whatever qualifying bets you need to and also the freebets turn into cash. I get a lot of emails about reload offers especially on a Thursday, Friday & Saturday about some ace reload offers for the upcoming weekend. I flag each email I want to take part in to stay organised.

Oddsmonkey Reload Offer Calendar

Oddsmonkey have their own daily offer calendar, which shows you the best reload offers for any day even up to 7 days in advance. Usually these offers are widely known and not specifically emailed to you but found on the bookies’ websites. Instead of having to logon to 100 different bookmaker sites, you can just join Oddsmonkey premium and let them do all the hard work for you. Oddsmonkey are £17.99 a month or £150 a year which is literally peanuts in comparison to how much you can make using their service. You can join them here.


One reason I make a lot of my money from matched betting is thanks to Oddsmonkey, which is why I am a massive advocate for their service. Their software saves so much time and so does their reload offer calendar. This makes me more money and saves me so much time, which is why I only do matched betting for 1-2 hours each time I do it. Yet I still come away with around £40 for the hour invested! I recommend joining them ahead of the new football season. You can join them here.


You must also be signed up to Smarkets. Smarkets are the #1 betting exchange for matched betting and this is based on my opinion. I am a professional matched bettor and I use Smarkets for all my matched betting activity so my opinion is valid. Plus by joining Oddsmonkey’s premium service, you can also enjoy 0% commission at Smarkets until 15th January 2019,which would save you 5% on every lay bet you place if you use Betfair. You can also get a £50 risk-free bet by joining Smarkets here.

If you are interested in reading in more detail, try my Oddsmonkey review and Smarkets review today.

The 2018/2019 football season previewFeel free to message me and I will ensure your queries are dealt with immediately. My email address is and I get back to all messages the same day.

If you are ready to make lots of risk free money, then have a browse through my site and use my expert knowledge of matched betting to improve your lifestyle today!


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