Smarkets free bet sign up offer and the reasons for joining them!

Smarkets free bet sign up offer

Smarkets are one of the best known betting exchanges in the betting and matched betting industry. Smarkets are also one the cheapest betting exchanges around by charging an industry low commission of just 2% on all winning bets. This make Smarkets incredibly good value for money because a huge competitor of Smarkets charges a massive 5%. That exchange is Betfair and I would not recommend using them at all for matched betting purposes. Another good thing about joining Smarkets is they currently offer a £10 welcome bonus to all new customers. In this article, we will be looking at the Smarkets free bet sign up offer as well as looking at just how valuable Smarkets are by using their betting exchange.

Smarkets welcome bonus

To make a profit from the Smarkets free bet sign up offer, please follow the steps below.

  • You can join Smarkets by clicking here.
  • Upon signing up to Smarkets, you will need to deposit £20 as a minimum in order to qualify for the £10 cash refund.
  • You will need to use the “Risk free equal profit calculator” which can be found available at Oddsmonkey. You can join Oddsmonkey premium by clicking here.
  • On the “Risk free equal profit calculator” at Oddsmonkey, you will need to fill in the relevant information. So the back stake (at Smarkets) needs to be £20.00. Then you enter in the back odds at Smarkets and then the lay odds at a different betting exchange such as Betfair. The lay commission at Betfair is 5% so be sure to enter that information into the calculator correctly. Finally the free bet award is just £10.00 and the free bet retention needs to be set to 100%. The reason this is set to 100% is because we will be able to withdraw the £10 refund from Smarkets straight away.
  • So for example if we were to bet on Brighton to beat Tottenham Hotspur, the back odds at Smarkets are 6.80 and the lay odds at Betfair are 7.0. Because Smarkets are a betting exchange, they will charge 2% on winning bets so we need to factor this into the back odds at Smarkets. To do this we need to take our back odds of 6.80 and minus 1 so we have 5.80. Then we need to multiply 5.80 by 98%. This then gives us odds of 5.684. We then add back our whole number to give us 6.684 (5.684 + 1 = 6.684). Our new back odds are now 6.684 and we should enter this into our risk free equal profit calculator at Oddsmonkey.
  • This should then look like this on the risk free equal profit calculator.



  • So as you can see, we should expect to make a profit of at least £6.88 from this example from the Smarkets free bet sign up offer. If your back bet (Brighton in this example) wins, then you will have done the offer and you can walk away with your profit. If your back bet loses and wins into Betfair, you will then receive a £10 cash refund from Smarkets which can be withdrawn immediately.

So as you can see the Smarkets sign up offer is well worth doing and can make you an easy £6.88 minimum. Again make sure you join Smarkets by clicking here. To be able to use the calculator, you will need to join Oddsmonkey which you can do by clicking here.

The value of Smarkets

Smarkets is one of the cheapest betting exchanges in the market nowadays. The 2% commission which they charge is one of the many incentives to use them for all your lay betting when doing matched betting. Over the lifetime of my own Smarkets account, I have paid £3,416.19 in commission to Smarkets. This means I have placed £170,809.50 worth of winning bets overall at Smarkets because of the 2% commission. (£3416.19/0.02 = £170,809.50). Of course this is just the winning bets figure and excludes all the bets which have lost at Smarkets and won into the bookmaker accounts which I have elsewhere. Therefore, I presume the total amount of bets I have placed overall during my matched betting career to be around £400,000.

Now this is where the value of Smarkets starts to materialise. If I had paid £3,416.19 in commission to Betfair, who charge 5% commission, I would only have placed £68,323.80. This figure is 2.5 times as less as the amount of bets I would have been able to place at Smarkets. In other words, if I had paid £3,416.19 in commission at Betfair, I would have been able to place 2.5 times as many bets at Smarkets for the same money which is extremely valuable!

Massive savings

Now if I was to place £170,809.50 worth of winning bets at Betfair, I would have paid £8,540.48. Considering I have placed this number of winning bets at Smarkets, I only paid £3,416.19. This gives me a saving of £5,124.29.

So over the time of me doing matched betting, I have saved myself a staggering £5,124.29 in commission by placing all my lay bets with Smarkets rather than using Betfair which is a massive saving. This would mean I would have made around £5,124.29 less in profit over the lifetime of me doing matched betting.

On top of all this amazing value, Smarkets is an easy to use platform and a nice betting exchange to use. The colour scheme is easy on the eyes and all the numbers are easier to read and you therefore are able to differentiate between back and lay bets much easily.


Smarkets have a great free bet sign up offer and you can make an easy £6.88 from joining one of the best betting exchanges that are out there on the World Wide Web. Not only have that but Smarkets charge an industry low commission of just 2%. During the lifetime of my account I have saved a massive £5,124.29 by using Smarkets to place all my lay bets as opposed to placing all my lay bets with Betfair who charge 5%.

Not only that, but there is impressive liquidity in the markets at Smarkets now so getting all your lay bets matched is no longer an issue. You must also take advantage of the Smarkets free bet sign up offer and enjoy the profit that comes with opening an account at this brilliant betting exchange.

If you haven’t already joined Smarkets, make sure you do so by clicking here.

If you are interested in reading in more detail, try my Oddsmonkey review and Smarkets review today.

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