Paddy Power 2 up offer & how you can profit from this excellent offer!

Paddy Power 2 up offer

Paddy Power has introduced its own 2 up offer whereby a football team goes two goals up; you get an early payout from Paddy Power. It has followed the similar offer to the bet365 2 up offer. The Paddy Power 2 up offer has the ability to make you a lot of money from matched betting and has been spoken about by some matched bettors as possibly the best matched betting offer ever.

You simply place a back bet on a football team to win and if they go two goals up in the football game (2-0) then you will get paid out from Paddy Power earlier. So you won’t have to wait until the full-time whistle is blown as you will already have received your payout from Paddy Power. This also creates a fantastic opportunity for matched bettors as you can profit from both Paddy Power as well as the exchange lay bet. The best thing that could happen is the team you back go two goals ahead and then the other team fights back and either equalizes or goes on to win the game.

I myself have made money from this offer several times and whilst it doesn’t come in every single time, the amount of profit you end up making will far outweigh any qualifying losses you have suffered leading up to the one big profit. For example, I placed a bet on Real Sociedad to win the game against Barcelona and Sociedad ended up going 2-0 up inside the first 35 minutes. Then Paulinho scored before half time to make the score 2-1 to Real Sociedad. I then logged into my account and saw I was paid out for my bet on Real Sociedad to win. I then had three options:

  • I could leave it and hope that Barcelona at least equalize or end up winning the game
  • Cash out on the betting exchange for a profit no matter what happens
  • Potentially make a qualifying loss if Real Sociedad end up winning the game against Barcelona

In the end, Barcelona ended up winning the game 4-2 thanks to goals from Messi and Suarez in the second half. The game is available to see here. This meant I had won the money at Paddy Power and also won my exchange lay bet meaning I had a bumper payout. This is my best result from doing this offer and I made a few hundred quid from doing it. I was shouting at the television for Barcelona to come back into it in the second half and thankfully they did!

Paddy Power 2 Up offer

Paddy Power 2 Up offer


The only real limitation for the Paddy Power 2 up offer is the amount you are able to stake and the amount of money Paddy Power will allow you to bet with them. The more you are able to bet with Paddy Power, the more money you will make as the profits will be far more substantial if you can bet more money. Also, you don’t need to stake huge amounts as if you back the underdog to win with higher odds, this will mean your payout is even bigger in comparison to the amount you have staked. For example, in the game between Sociedad and Barcelona above, I only bet £25 at the bookie and ended up making a few hundred quid as a result of the bets I placed. Had I placed £250 at the bookie, I would have made well over £2,000.

Gubbed accounts

The Paddy Power 2 up offer also is known to work on gubbed accounts. You will have to mindful of how much you will be able to bet with them however as Paddy Power may have restricted your stakes which means you won’t be able to bet as much with them.


Oddsmonkey has its own calculator for the early payout offers offered by both Paddy Power and Bet365. This is useful if you don’t feel confident enough to work the calculations out on your own although the best way to make money with this offer is to hope the other team end up equalising to make the final score 2-2. If this happens you will make a huge payout. If you decide to cash-out on the betting exchange once the score becomes 2-1, then the calculator Oddsmonkey has on their website is very useful to use as it does all the hard calculations for you.

Other sports

Paddy Power have also moved the Paddy Power 2 up offer across other sports such as Darts, Rugby and tennis. However, football is the best sport to do this offer on as the odds will be better and closer due the popularity of most football games. Premier league and La Liga (Spanish football) games have proven to be the most successful for myself as the other leagues haven’t yet had this sort of score line during the game.


Paddy Power 2 up offer is arguably the best offer out there right now as you can literally make as much money as you want to, provided the team you back go two goals up and the other team fights back to equalize. In the Oddsmonkey forum, I have seen many people make several hundred quid a time thanks to this amazing offer and I have also made a few hundred quid from doing this offer already in 2018. The key to success is to keep the odds as close together as possible so that if the game doesn’t go as you wish it to, you will only make a small qualifying loss rather than a big loss on every bet.

When this Paddy Power 2 up offer does go according to plan, you are in for a real treat as the payout will be massive. Especially if you have staked a few hundred quid in the process you could even make thousands with this offer. Whilst doing this offer, I have also not cashed out at all as I would rather make a killing from this offer than an extra few quid. Ultimately if you decide you want to guarantee a profit, be sure to use the early payout calculator Oddsmonkey has to offer.

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