My definitive Oddsmatcher review and how to use this matched betting software

Oddsmatcher review

When you are doing matched betting it helps when you have great matched betting software to make the most amount of profit. One of these bits of software is called the Oddsmatcher and can be used as many times as you need to when you sign up to the premium version of Oddsmonkey. The Oddsmatcher is the original piece of matched betting software which scans all the bookmakers for their best odds and compares these odds against the odds available at the betting exchanges. The Oddsmatcher then ranks the matches in order of how profitable they are to bet on.



The Oddsmatcher has great features that are designed to help you profit more efficiently from the bookmaker offer you are about to do. It will show the best odds at all of the possible betting exchanges which include Smarkets and Betfair. You can also try the Oddsmatcher for free when you sign up to the free trial at Oddsmonkey so you can get used to the software without having to spend a penny initially.

Filter button

The Oddsmatcher has a very useful filter button which you can press and it will help tailor the matches you are seeking to your needs. You can use the Oddsmatcher filter button to differentiate between:

  • Different Sports: you can choose the sports you need to bet on in order to qualify by selection the sport you need to be on. For example, if you need to bet on Football, you can click “Limit Sports” and then click “Football”.
  • Different Markets: if you need to bet on a specific market like match odds only in a football you can select this easily under “Limit Markets”. Or if a bet has to be placed on the correct score only you can do this easily with the filter button.
  • Different bookmakers: if you are betting with a bookmaker in particular, you can choose the bookmaker from the drop down menu on the Oddsmatcher or click “Limit bookmakers” on the filter button. This is really useful as it removes all the other bookmakers that you are not betting with leaving the bookmaker you are betting with on view.
  • Different betting exchanges: if you are using a particular betting exchange and want the Oddsmatcher to only show you matches for this exchange, you can do so. So if you only use Smarkets you can make the Oddsmatcher bring up matches for just Smarkets.
  • Filter button

    Filter button

The Oddsmatcher also enables you to enter information relating to your bet. You can do this by:

  • Entering the minimum and maximum back odds at the bookmakers. Most qualifying bets require you bet at minimum odds so this button helps.
  • Entering the minimum liquidity on the betting exchange. So if you need to get a larger amount like £200 through the exchange, this button is useful to use.
  • Selecting what time frame you want the event to take place. So if you want to place your bet the same day, you can make the Oddsmatcher search for a match for today rather than a few days away. This also means your bets will settle earlier and time is money so I always get bets to settle the same day rather than having to wait a few days for the game to take place before the match is settled.


The Oddsmatcher now has its own built-in calculator so you can view both the Oddsmatcher and the matched betting calculator in the same screen. Before you had to open up two tabs to be able to view the Oddsmatcher and the calculator and it could be easy to forget the numbers. The calculator makes the process easier and quicker so you don’t have to remember any numbers as they are all on the same screen for you to simply enter. To access the calculator, you just need to press the little “i” button which is next to the rating section on the Oddsmatcher.



Once you have the calculator loaded up you can click the event straight away so you don’t even have to find the bet manually anymore as it will take you straight to the bookmaker site and the exchange site for the event you are betting on. This saves you so much time rather than having to manually login to the bookmaker site and find the event every time.

Other features

The Oddsmatcher also has the refresh button in the top right of the software so that you can make the Oddsmatcher show you the most profitable matches at the click of a button. If you do find a really good match on the Oddsmatcher you will need to act quickly so that you have your bet placed at the bookmaker and at the exchange in time. A good opportunity on the Oddsmatcher will not last long and as soon as you see it, you will need to get on it quickly so that you can make the profit figures it mentions.


The Oddsmatcher is the original piece of matched betting software and has been fundamental to the other matched betting software Oddsmonkey has developed throughout the years. All of Oddsmonkey’s software has similar features to the Oddsmatcher and has filter buttons so that you can make the most amount of money.

If you were to do matched betting on your own, you wouldn’t have such good opportunities at your very fingertips as it would take too long to find as good matches on your own. Plus the time it takes to manually search for matches. The Oddsmatcher is included in the premium Oddsmonkey package so for £17.99 a month, you will get access to the best matched betting software that is out there along with the other pieces of software Oddsmonkey has built.

Join Oddsmonkey premium today and discover the full potential of the Oddsmatcher and its exciting features and benefits. If you have tried the Oddsmonkey free trial, you will already have a taste of what the Oddsmatcher can offer you.

If you are interested in reading in more detail, try my Oddsmonkey review and Smarkets review today.

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