Matched betting long term and how to keep the profits rolling in!

Matched betting long term

The key to matched betting long term is down to a whole host of different factors. This article aims to go through the different factors that play a part in keeping your betting accounts open and ensuring you give yourself the best chances at making profits from matched betting long term.

Preventing gubbing/restrictions

Okay so this topic is important. If your betting accounts become gubbed or severely restricted, you will not be able to place your bets to begin with so you need to keep your betting accounts open for longer by preventing being gubbed. You can do this by placing mug bets at the bookies and not taking advantage of every single free bet offer that comes your way with that particular bookmaker. You should also stay away from advantage play techniques such as arbitrage as this will flag up at the bookies that you are in fact a bonus abuser and an advantage player.

Matched betting long term

Matched betting long term

Being organised

This is also very important. If you don’t keep yourself organised and keep your betting accounts organised you will quickly lose momentum and find yourself not being able to profit from matched betting long term. I have created a spreadsheet that goes through everything you need to keep organised with matched betting so you can profit from matched betting in the long term. This spreadsheet is available if you click here. It is so easy forget things when doing matched betting such as your betting account usernames and passwords. Not only that you can also forget to do bets which would have made you money. This spreadsheet aims to help you combat forgetfulness and also gives you the ability to be organised with your matched betting endeavours.


Without any kind of bankroll, you will not be able to make money from matched betting. Ever heard the saying “it takes money to make money”? Well this can be totally applied to matched betting and most investing products that are out there. In a nutshell, the more money you have to play with for matched betting, the more money you can expect to make. So if you are starting out matched betting, you should try to save and build up a decent bankroll all the way to five figures as a minimum. This is to ensure you have plenty of cash for the many bets you need to place. That is of course if you want to make £2,000 a month. If you only want a few hundred pounds extra each month, you can easily do this with £4,000 in the bank. The point is; no money no profits. If you are doing matched betting, try to put your profits back into your bankroll. If you do this for a few months you will quickly see your bankroll grow and build a solid basis for your matched betting future. I have done matched betting for 3 years and in the first 12 months I amassed a bankroll of £25,000 so it is amazing how quickly it can grow in the early days of matched betting.

Use a matched betting service

This again is crucial. If you part of a matched betting service you are in the best possible place on the internet for matched betting information and resources. A site like Oddsmonkey has all the software you need to make money as well as all the tutorial information for all the different kinds of offers that are out there for you to take advantage of. Being part of a subscription site like Oddsmonkey is worth the small investment each month. Oddsmonkey is only £15 a month (at the time of writing this article) and it is nothing in comparison to how much you can make from using their service. If you could make £1,500 a month tax-free, would you be happy to pay £15 a month (£180 a year) to receive that information? Of course you would.

Matched betting long term

Matched betting long term

Learn all the methods of matched betting

Matched betting isn’t just relying on free bets to make money. This is totally the opposite. There are ways to make money from matched betting without the need for free bets. Some of these ways are each way arbitrage, dutching, accumulators and extra place offers. These are all methods you can learn with a matched betting service like Oddsmonkey. I learned how to do accumulators back in 2017 and it enabled me to explode my matched betting profits by diversifying my knowledge on the different money making methods from matched betting. Don’t put all your eggs into one basket and rely on just free bets to make you money from matched betting. If you do, you are leaving so much more on the table by not learning the other methods of matched betting. Thankfully Oddsmonkey can show you how to do these different methods and they are very easy to do too once you learn with the great tutorials Oddsmonkey has to offer.

Do every offer possible

Reload offers are key to matched betting long term. Once you have completed all the matched betting signup offers, you have reload offers to rely on as well as the other methods of making money from matched betting. Keep an eye on your email inbox as many of the bookmakers will send you tailored reload offers to you and these are worth doing as they could be £50 free bets or £20 bonuses. These all add up and will give you a good income for years to come if you do these offers as soon as they come your way. If you do every offer going, be sure to do some mug bets as well so you appear to be a mug gambler in the eyes of the bookies.


So if you adopt the above components and apply them to your own matched betting, you can be sure of doing matched betting long term for many years to come. Keep organised; learn all the methods of matched betting, join a matched betting service and keep growing your bankroll. Once you get into the habit of doing this, you will see your profits coming in from matched betting for a long time.

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