Matched betting forum and how they can improve your daily profits!

Matched betting forum

Doing matched betting alone can be a lonely place and it can equally be as hard to maintain motivation in making excellent profits each month.  Oddsmonkey has a fantastic matched betting forum with over 500,000 posts in total and with over 30,000 members in the last 5 years; you will find many like minded individuals who are keen to make money from matched betting every month.

Having a good matched betting forum is a crucial tool to have in your matched betting arsenal as it can be the difference of making a few hundred pounds each month to a few thousand pounds each month. I have found this to be totally true from my own experience and the information I have learned from the matched betting forum at Oddsmonkey has been a great addition to my success. Not only that the forum gives you the opportunity to be heard and allows you to ask questions nobody else has and more importantly, to get them answered.

Matched betting community

The matched betting community Oddsmonkey has created truly is remarkable and is an excellent resource for us matched bettors. If you see an offer on the reload offers and you aren’t 100% sure about the terms, they are conveniently posted on the existing customer offers section of their forum with all Oddsmonkey’s members commenting on the offer to further explain the terms and how to extract profit from it safely and successfully.

With almost 600,000 posts in total, you can be sure that pretty much every topic regarding matched betting is covered. The matched betting forum has helped me increase my earnings during my matched betting career and I took inspiration from other members to finally quit my 9 to 5 job and go at matched betting full time.

matched betting forum


Another great help is Oddsmonkey have all their staff active in the forum to help all those who have questions and need assistance with a particular topic. If you go matched betting alone, it can be difficult to get your questions answered and with the matched betting community at Oddsmonkey, that problem is quickly eradicated.

The matched betting forum also has a chat option so that you are able to chat with other members about a particular post you don’t wish to be public on the forum. This has proven to be helpful to myself as I once posted a new post into the forum and got a bit of interest from it and I had several people messaging me on the chat system. Everyone I have come across on the forum has been very helpful and the Oddsmonkey team have done a good job at ensuring their rules are adhered to so that people are working together to make money from the bookies.  A setup like this is invaluable and is one that is sure to make you plenty of money.

matched betting forum

Private message

Another great feature of the matched betting community is the clever search engine the forum has. If there is a specific topic you wish to search on the forum you, you can use the search engine to bring up all the posts related to your search term. This clever feature saves you having to dig through 600,000 posts just to find the topic you wish to find straight away.

You can also setup notifications on the forum so that you will be notified when someone has commented on your post or if someone has replied to a comment you made on a pre-existing post. This also saves you from having to keep looking back on the forum to see if someone has replied to you.

matched betting forum

Search function

How to make money from the matched betting forum

I have found that to make money from the forums, it is best to be honest as possible. If you have a question you can’t seem to find the answer to elsewhere on the Oddsmonkey site, it would make sense to make a new post on the forum and ask so all the other members can see your post. When I first started affiliating Oddsmonkey, I didn’t have a clue what I was doing and how to attract new customers via my link so I made a post to the matched betting forum to seek help with my issue. This has proven to help me out and also enabled me to make more money than going it alone.

It is also worth reading the existing customer offers section on the matched betting forum as I have sometimes found offers on there that I haven’t done already for the day and then jump on them at the earliest opportunity. This is best on a busy day in the matched betting world like a Saturday when all the popular football games are played along with the many horse race meetings that are to take place.

The general thread is also another good section to have a read through as there are loads of different topics covered that aren’t elsewhere on the Oddsmonkey site and within the matched betting forum. I saw a post the other day on there about bitcoin, so it doesn’t just have to be matched betting related, you can literally post about anything you like.


So if you are finding that doing matched betting on your own is dull and would like more of a social aspect to it, the matched betting forum on Oddsmonkey is a great resource. I have made several connections thanks to the forum and also improved my own business thanks to a fellow Oddsmonkey member.

The most value I have taken from the matched betting forum is mainly problem solving. The difference between doing matched betting on your own and with a service like Oddsmonkey is that you can get your problems resolved by like minded people. Most of the people I have met in the forum all want to quit their jobs and would like to make money from alternative methods and this is what I find amazing about the forum. Everybody is on the same path and this certainly made me feel more at home.

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