Matched betting around a full time job and how to make it work!

Matched betting around a full time job

Matched betting is a great way to make some extra cash around any current commitments you already have. It doesn’t take long to do and can be done either at home on your computer or whilst you are on the go via your mobile phone. All you need is access to the internet and a bit of bankroll and you can very quickly and easily get started making money from matched betting. Many people who do matched betting will usually have a full time job.

This is something I did back in 2015 when I first discovered matched betting and I actually did matched betting alongside my full time job. I can certainly give you a glimpse in how to maximise your matched betting profits whilst you are working full time.

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When I was working full time, I actually wasn’t a premium member of Oddsmonkey or any other matched betting site. I just relied on my emails giving my daily reload offers to make money from matched betting. What a mistake this was. If I had joined Oddsmonkey whilst I was working a full time job, I would have made much more money than I actually was making. Oddsmonkey does a great job at helping you keep organised as well as giving you all the software so that you can make money as convenient as possible. Paying £17.99 a month to use Oddsmonkey is nothing in comparison to the amount of time it saves you and when working a full time job, you want to have as much free time as you can. Oddsmonkey looks after you by making your life easier and taking away all the admin side of matched betting by providing automated matched betting software.

When I was working full time, I didn’t know about accumulator refunds and I assumed you couldn’t make any money from them. How wrong I was indeed! Oddsmonkey will also keep you up to date and they update their site regularly with new software and new updates. This kind of network is invaluable when considering doing matched betting. The community forum is also full of like minded individuals who are posting information to help each other make money from matched betting. The forum also has other people who also work full time and so you can communicate with each other and work together to the ultimate goal of making money from matched betting.

You can join Oddsmonkey for just £1 by clicking here. Be sure to use the bonus code “SMARKETSZERO” when signing up via the link above and this will last for 7 days. You will get access to the Oddsmonkey premium membership for 7 days and this code is valid until 31/05/2018.

Matched betting around a full time job

Matched betting around a full time job

Know your schedule

Ultimately you know what hours you work and what hours you know you won’t be at work. Therefore you can easily deduce when you can fit some time in to do some matched betting. I used to work the same hours each day from Monday through to Friday so I could easily work out when I would be free to do some matched betting and when I would be busy at work.

I found I did most of my matched betting during the evenings and weekends as this is when I was free and also when most of the football games take place anyway so it didn’t affect me that much. When there was busy horse racing festivals like Cheltenham, I found myself frantic on my mobile phone during my lunch breaks desperately trying to get my bets on in time so I could make even more money whilst I was at work.

If you work shifts, it may be a little tricky to know exactly when you will be able to do some matched betting and when you will be at work. In this case, maybe consider carefully whether some bets are worth doing like accumulators. Accumulators are usually stretched across a few days so it is very important to know when the next legs of your accumulators are about to kick off.

Keep a spreadsheet handy

This applies even if you don’t work a full time job. Having a spreadsheet is important as you can easily store everything for matched betting all in one place. The spreadsheet I have created and is also the one I use is available to download for free by clicking here.

Forgetting login details is something that can be easily done so making note of your login details every time you join a new bookmaker or betting exchange can save you a lot of hassle further down the line. This spreadsheet will help you out massively I believe as I have built this spreadsheet over my own experience of doing matched betting both around a full time job and also as part of my living.

This spreadsheet will conveniently store your bookmaker and betting exchange account login details, your security answers or other information regarding your account login details. It will also track the profit you have made in previous months and this allows you to look back at how much you have made in previous months. It also helps you track the amount of profit you are making for the current month as well as a dedicated section to accumulators so you can manage them more easily alongside the Oddsmonkey accafinder software.


Matched betting around a full time job can be done effectively provided you keep organised. Oddsmonkey plays a key role in helping you maintain organisation by providing you with all the software and offers you could possibly need. I wish that when I was working full time, I would have stopped been so stubborn and just joined Oddsmonkey. They would have helped me make way more money than I did when I was working full time. For £17.99 a month or £150 a year they provide amazing value for sure.

Being organised also means keeping record of your bookmaker and betting exchange login details and the spreadsheet I provided above will help you out massively and help you avoid losing your important login information.

You should also take into consideration when you will be at work and when you won’t be at work. By planning around your job, you can keep a good work balance and alongside matched betting. Matched betting doesn’t take long to do and you can very easily earn £50 an hour in your spare time around your full time job so it is a very fun task to do.

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