Is matched betting sustainable?

Is matched betting sustainable?

Since the year 2000 when Betfair was introduced to the world, matched betting has been possible. As the internet grew in popularity, online gambling and bookmaking was born and then game into play the introduction of new customer signup offers. A new industry was born. As each bookmaker competes with one another to get a new customer’s business, the incentives for that customer to join and bet with them kept becoming more attractive for the customer. Bookmakers’ competition for new business was suddenly becoming rifer. Fast forward to now in 2018 and this is as true as ever.

I started matched betting myself in April 2015 and was bombarded with many signup offers by the many different bookmakers which are out there. On top of this, my email inbox was going crazy and set to explode with the many email from bookmakers on a daily basis. The reload offers back in spring 2015 were amazing and almost every few days there was a £50 reload offer in my inbox waiting for me to tackle and make a profit from.

Over the last 3 years however the reload offers have gone downhill but there are still many good reload offers posting at least on a weekly basis rather than every couple of days. Not only that but many bookmakers now have also reduced the size of their new customer signup offers. For example, you could join bet365 and get a £200 bonus 3 years ago unlike today where it is £100 in freebets. This is due to the popularity of matched betting increasing year on year. Matched betting sites are to blame for the increased popularity of matched betting and this has therefore caused the bookmakers to reduce their offers and also gub customers who participate in matched betting.

This however doesn’t mean matched betting is over. In fact further from the truth. There is still plenty of money to be made in matched betting on a monthly basis. Sport is never ending, the world loves sport and it is big business for bookmakers. While ever there is demand to bet on popular sports, there will always be demand for betting online and therefore the world of matched betting will also be around I feel.

Each bookmaker competes with one another for customers’ business by betting with them. The competitiveness of the offers has caused mayhem across all the bookmakers and now they have to offer great offers to keep themselves ahead of the competition. This is great for matched bettors because we will continue to receive the best possible signup offers by all the bookmakers. To make this even better, there are constantly new bookmakers added to the online betting world who also offer a new customer signup offer.

Could you expect to live on matched betting profits forever? This answer would be probably not. However you could easily make profits from matched betting year in year out for several years to come provided you do not get carried away and treat your betting accounts responsibly. In other words, keeping your accounts open and avoiding restrictions and gubbings is the most important part of matched betting nowadays. I still have accounts open from 2015 which are still not gubbed because I have treated them correctly over the last 3 years. I haven’t done a practice called arbitrage (arbing) which basically requires simultaneous bets with the bookmaker back odds being higher than the betting exchange lay odds. Many people who do arbitrage will quickly find their betting accounts won’t be open for much longer.

Matched betting can be made sustainable for several years to come provided you avoid arbitrage bets at all costs. As soon as you form a betting pattern of placing arbitrage bets, the bookmakers aren’t stupid you will be caught out. Bookmakers have teams of traders who look out for customers who develop this betting pattern and as soon as you are spotted, your account will be restricted, gubbed or even closed down for good. In short, bookmakers despise arbitrage bettors. By placing arbitrage bets, you are eating into the bookmakers margins and this is why they frown upon them so heavily. You should really hate them too as it will cause your accounts to get closed and this is where you will become frustrated by not having any more accounts to do matched betting with.

You may see people talk down about matched betting and may even tell people not to try it out because you will get gubbed because they did and so everyone will. These people will be people who more than likely treat their online betting accounts badly and did arbitrage bets when they know they shouldn’t have. Matched betting can be made sustainable for years to come provided you learn how to treat your accounts and know what to do and what to not do. Using a site like Oddsmonkey can teach you all the basics of keeping your online betting accounts open and decrease your chances of getting your accounts gubbed or restricted. The only reason matched betting couldn’t be made sustainable is because of accounts becoming gubbed or restricted. Provided you behave appropriately with your online betting accounts, there is no reason why you cannot expect to continue to make profits from matched betting for years to come. Another great site to use is ‘The Sure Bettor’ which can be found here.

The only time I would recommend arbitrage bets or arbing online betting accounts is when your account is already gubbed or restricted by the bookmaker. If you decide to place arbitrage bets at this stage, it isn’t going to affect anything and once you are gubbed with the bookmakers, you are gubbed; there isn’t any coming back from it unfortunately.


Matched betting can be made sustainable for years to come provided you know how to keep your online betting accounts open. If you decide to do arbitrage bets or arbing bets, you will find yourself on a one way route to getting your accounts gubbed or restricted. This is ultimately what can affect your ability to make money from matched betting for years to come.

To further increase your chances of making money from matched betting for years to come, I would recommend joining Oddsmonkey as you will be in the best possible place to learn from other like minded matched bettors and know all the tips and tricks at making money from matched betting for years to come.

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