My guide to avoid being gubbed and restricted by the bookies!

My guide to avoid being gubbed and restricted

Having a gubbed matched betting account is where the bookmaker will usually email you to advise you that your account is no longer eligible to receive free bets or bonuses. You can also receive an email advising you that your account is closed permanently following a review. Unfortunately this is the one of the limitations that exists in matched betting that is out of our control and is sadly part of the game. There are ways to avoid your accounts from restrictions and gubbing but in my own experience, the bookmakers will ban you eventually if you keep taking the free bets offers that they post. It is inevitable and once you receive the dreaded email, there is no going back; you will not be able to take part in their promotions and receive free bets ever again. Thankfully, there are ways you can still profit even with gubbed accounts as there are ways to make money without free bets, so they are not that much of a necessity.

Avoid being gubbed

There are several ways you can increase your chances of avoiding restrictions.

Mug bets

You can place mug bets. Mug bets are the typical bets most mug punters make each week and consistently lose money. Bookmakers obviously love these kinds of bettors as they lose money. If your betting pattern is showing you as an advantage player and one who keeps abusing their promotions, your account will be flagged and the bookmaker will assume you are matched betting. So placing a bet on your favourite team whenever they play is a good sign of a mug punter. Also betting on popular events such as Premier League football or popular horse races like The Grand National is also a good idea as all the mug punters will be doing this. The general idea when mug betting is to appear like someone who will bet their last £10 on their favourite team shouting at the television on a Saturday for their team to score in the remaining seconds of the game. If you start betting on unpopular events like Switzerland third division games, this will flag up at the bookmaker and could increase chances of a gubbing.

Avoid withdrawing regularly

If you don’t need to withdraw the funds from the bookmaker account immediately, it can be a good idea to leave the money in there for a short while. Of course, if you have a huge sum in there and need the cash to pay bills then withdraw. But don’t get into the habit of withdrawing small amounts shortly after depositing on a regular basis as this will put your account into scrutiny. I always have a good chunk of money in my exchange account as I always need to lay bets off. Thankfully, the exchanges won’t be annoyed with you making as many withdrawals as you can’t get banned there. Every time you make a withdrawal at the bookmaker, it will cost them a fee so if you keep doing these often enough, the fees will add up for them which they won’t be best pleased with.

Don’t be so predictable

When you see an offer which says “Bet £10 get £30” instead of just depositing and betting £10, consider depositing a larger amount and betting that amount instead. If you bet the minimum amounts, your account may come under scrutiny as a bonus abuser.

Use other products on the bookmaker’s website

Instead of withdrawing your last pennies from the bookmaker, consider playing on their other products such as their casino or bingo. This will go a long way to reassuring the bookie that you are an actual gambler and so will be more relaxed about restricting your account.

Stick to whole numbers not decimals

If you are dutching, ensure you round your stakes to the nearest £5 if you can. If you deposit and bet very specific amounts like £47.68, this will flag up at the bookmaker and make them think you are matched betting. This is totally fine at the betting exchange but be careful doing this at the bookies.

Leave it late but not too late

A bookmaker could email you about an offer they are offering a week in advance. Instead of jumping on this offer immediately after receiving the email, leave it until about 30 minutes until the offer expires or the event kicks off before placing the qualifying bets. This will make you appear more spontaneous rather than someone who is planning the bets in advance.


Avoid being gubbed!

My experience of gubbing when matched betting

I have done matched betting since April 2015 and I have found that there are several factors that can accelerate gubbed and restricted accounts.


In the early days of my matched betting career, I did a few arbitrage (arb) bets of several thousand pounds and then as soon as the event had finished I withdrew. Several days later, I received an email advising me that my account had now no access to the sportsbook anymore but I could use their other products such as their casino and bingo. So I would avoid arbitrage at all costs.

Constantly winning

Sadly this is out of your control but I have found that whenever bets win at the bookmaker and lose at the exchange, this seems to upset the bookies. I have had occasions where free bets have won for several thousand pounds and I withdrew immediately only to receive the dreaded email days later telling me of my gubbing. I always try and place bets that I think will lose at the bookie and win at the exchange but again sport is an unpredictable event so anything really can happen.

Free bets galore

I have also discovered that just taking the offers all the time will see your accounts quickly restricted. I always did every offer possible with William Hill, price boosts, free bets promotions and enhanced acca boosts and I quickly saw my account gubbed. I never placed any mug bets with William Hill and always tried to take value with every bet I placed. The matches I chose were also 99% rating or above which didn’t really help matters. I would advise to not take every offer possible even though it is very tempting.

Betting big on new accounts

I have also found that betting large amounts on newly opened accounts will raise flags at the bookies. This has happened to me at 10bet where there signup offer is already huge so betting big can be costly. I almost instantly got restricted on betting on the horse races with them because I was betting £100 a time on horses at odds of 7.0 so I was only allowed to bet on the football. So I would bet modest amounts until you have used your account for a longer period of time.

Receiving a gubbing from the bookies is so annoying. I am pretty sure every matched bettor out there has experienced it at some time during their career. You just have to accept that it is part of the game and you can be as careful as you like, you will eventually get gubbed. There is no ‘one size fits all’ with dealing how to avoid being gubbed, the bookies will restrict you when they feel it is necessary to do so, it is literally out of your control. All you can do to prolong the gubbing is make yourself appear to be a genuine gambler. You can read about how I match bet full time for a living in this article.

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