How to make money from gubbed matched betting accounts!

Making money from gubbed matched betting accounts!

If you have already done matched betting for some time, you will have received the dreaded email from the bookies advising you that your account is now restricted from receiving future free bets and no longer allowed to participate in promotions. When you receive this email it can be totally disheartening and make you question everything. Thankfully it is not the end of the world as you can still make money from gubbed matched betting accounts whereby you do not rely on the free bets or bonuses.

The alternative ways to make money from gubbed matched betting accounts are more complicated than simply using a qualifying bet and a free bet to make a profit. These other ways require a bit of concentration and also require some good bankroll to complete successfully. You will also need to use excellent matched betting software provided by a matched betting service like Oddsmonkey.

Each way betting

You can make money from each way betting using your own money. This takes advantage of the each way odds against the exchange lay odds. So this is arbitrage but it goes unnoticed by bookmakers. Your only limitation is the amount of money the bookmaker will allow you to bet each way on your gubbed matched betting account.

Betting in shops

You can take advantage of the in-store promotions and these are very profitable. You can do the acca insurance offers in Ladbrokes, Betfred and Paddy Power. The good news about these is that there is no limit to how many of these accumulator bets you can place which is great news for us matched bettors. Just be sure to not always go to one bookmaker shop and mix it up a little so you don’t arouse suspicion amongst the staff behind the counters. Wear different clothes each time you enter the bookmaker shop so you don’t appear familiar and remember to keep your betting slips in case you hit a refund or win a bet and have to return to the store to claim the free bet or winnings!


Betting shops

Extra place bets

You can make money on your gubbed accounts with extra place betting. These offers come around when the bookmaker offers an extra place on an each way bet, which is the place bet.

You would back and lay the selection as normal but if the selection you have chosen finishes in the extra place, you will receive a bumper payout because you will win the each way bet at the bookmaker and also win at the betting exchange. It is not uncommon to make several hundred pounds at a time using extra place betting.

The extra place bets are common on outright markets typically on the horse racing and golf tournaments. On Grand National Day, several bookies are known to pay up to 6 places which gives you plenty of scope to make money from. Again make sure you have the bankroll to be able to lay of the bets safely at the betting exchange and ensure you enter the lay stakes correctly.

Betfair sportsbook

The Betfair sportsbook (not exchange!) is very good at making money when you are gubbed. They offer excellent price boosts which can return handsome profits from your gubbed account. Price boosts is arbitrage effectively which means the money you make from these price boosts is quick and easy meaning there is not much time spent chasing free bets or waiting to lay off the next selection in your accumulator bets.

For fast easy profits, using price boosts on Betfair sportsbook is a great way to make profits once you are restricted. It is possible to receive price boosts on your other gubbed accounts but from my experience this is literally pennies so it is not worth bothering with. The stakes Betfair sportsbook allow once you are gubbed is good in comparison to other bookmakers.

Dutching bets

Dutching is similar to arbitrage but you bet across multiple bookmakers instead of laying at an exchange. You can guarantee yourself a risk free profit no matter the end result with dutching by covering all possible outcomes.

For example, in a tennis match between Andy Murray and Roger Federer you can bet with Ladbrokes for Murray to win and bet with William Hill on Federer to win. In a tennis match, there must be a winner so the bet will either win at Ladbrokes or William Hill.

Oddsmonkey has a great dutching tool where you can calculate the appropriate stakes at each bookie and also shows you your potential profit. Dutching is very difficult to do without the matched betting software so it is recommended joining a service like Oddsmonkey.

I wouldn’t do dutching bets on football games as there are three outcomes and you could place the home team to win and the draw and then by time it comes to place the away team bet, the odds could change. This could set your dutching bet at a loss rather than a profit so I would stick to markets where there are only 2 outcomes so that you can place the bets quickly.

An advantage dutching also has over arbitrage is that you don’t need huge liabilities in the exchange to cover the opposite outcome. Dutching is placing back bets rather than lay bets so the bankroll required is not as big which is great if you have a small bankroll.

Early payout offers

Bookmakers such as Paddy Power and Bet365 have offered to pay out your winnings on your sports back bets before the event actually finishes. This is good because you can get paid out early at the bookmaker as well as winning your lay bet also.

Paddy Power are a good example as they will pay out your winnings early if the football team you back go two goals up. How many times have you seen a football team go two goals ahead only to be halted by a draw or end up losing the game? If this happens you can win at both the bookmaker and the betting exchange which can create huge profits. If you use big enough stakes or chose an outsider at higher odds, these can give you massive profits. I remember a game between Villarreal and Real Madrid, Villarreal went 2-0 up and Real Madrid had brought it back to win 3-2 in the 2016/17 season and had you backed Villarreal, you would be in for a very big pay day!

You also do not have to let the bet run, you can trade out the lay bet on the betting exchange once the team go two goals up for a profit on the exchange too. Of course the back odds will only increase on the exchange if the other team bring a goal back or change the result.

Other bookmakers have also started doing this offer such as Bet365 and yes this does work on gubbed accounts.

Best odds guaranteed (BOG)

Best odds guaranteed is where you place a bet on a horse who ends up winning the race and whose odds lengthened before the off.

If you bet on a horse whose odds were 7.0 when you first place the bet and then before the off, the horse’s odds lengthen to 12.0. You will end up getting paid out at 12.0 from the bookie if the horse wins the race. So if you staked £50, you would make £550.00 instead of £300.00 which is a huge difference!

Again this isn’t a guaranteed profit so it may be better to do this every so often but when it does come in, you can make a huge profit. I have made an extra £50+ on several races from best odds guaranteed during my matched betting career so they do come in but not every time.


Because your account is already gubbed, you now no longer have to worry about placing arbitrage/arb bets. Therefore you can make money on your gubbed account by placing arb bets. However you may be limited in how much you can stake so if you can only bet £3.65 to win £0.24 it is definitely not worth your time but on some gubbed accounts, you may be able to stake much more meaning your profits will be larger.

Be careful when placing arb bets though as you may get your account closed altogether but then that depends how much you care about the specific account. Another way of profiting is with each way arbing that makes excellent use of gubbed accounts.

Gubbing is not as bad after all

So as you can see, there are plenty options still available to you once you receive a gubbing from the bookies. The free bets are now no longer needed and all you need is just your cash!

You could also make money from casino offers but I only stick to sportsbook offers because you can’t lay off a roulette wheel!

My favourite option is betting in-store as you can place as many bets as you wish and there is no fear of becoming gubbed or receiving an email saying you are restricted. The acca five insurance offers have certainly proved lucrative in recent times and you could easily make several thousand pounds a month from this offer alone with the right planning and management. This is something I am aiming to achieve.

Join a service like Oddsmonkey and gain access to their matched betting software so that you can explore the many different ways to profit from your gubbed accounts.

If you are interested in reading in more detail, try my Oddsmonkey review and Smarkets review today.

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If you are ready to make lots of risk free money, then have a browse through my site and use my expert knowledge of matched betting to improve your lifestyle today!

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