My guide to full time matched betting for a living!

Full time matched betting for a living!

Even before I started matched betting back in early 2015, I was constantly on the lookout for an opportunity to get me out of the rat race. I hated the 9 to 5 routine and lifestyle so much that I was determined to find a way out. Thankfully matched betting came to my attention and after a few months of doing it, I realised it could be possible to do full time matched betting for a living.

full time matched betting

Get out of the rat race

I remember watching a video on social media and laughing my head off because I couldn’t quite believe what I was actually doing with my life. It is usually installed to our head from an earlier age to work hard at school so we can get a well paying job when we’re older. The video is available by clicking here. Whilst doing matched betting alongside my job, I was waking up everyday thinking, I am getting out of here when I am ready. I was motivated. I was determined. I would one day quit my job. I kept repeating this in my head until it became my reality. I promised myself that once I am in the right financial position, I will get out of here. This required a plan.

Planning to do matched betting for a living

Everybody wants to quit their jobs but not many people will actually do anything about it. I was different, everyday for 18 months I was constantly putting action into achieving this goal.

If you want to quit your job to do matched betting full time for a living, you will need to get yourself in good financial shape. I wouldn’t quit your job with anything less than £15,000 saved up. You will have your bills and expenses and you will not have a job anymore so you will need plenty of savings so that you will be very comfortable. This is the difference; your bankroll will produce your income whereas in your job, your time will produce your income. When I quit my job, I had a lot more than £15,000 saved away but that is because I was so determined to do matched betting for a living for a while. My biggest fear would have been to have less saved up only to have to return to the rat race a few months later. For me, this was not an option. It took me longer to have more saved up, but after nearly a year since I quit my job, it was so worth it!

Everybody is different and our expenses are different, so you may find that you could get away with having less saved up but if you’re looking to make £1,500 a month, I can tell you for a fact that you will need £15,000 saved up as an absolute minimum. I always try and earn £2,000 a month so I decided to save up more money so that I could achieve making that much money each month without any worries. Within my first 7 months of doing matched betting for a living, I made £1,973.84 on average which I am very happy about. In a job you rely on the directors to do the business to ensure you have a stable income but I only have myself to rely on so this has made me even more proud of my success.

full time matched betting

Save money

Matched betting whilst in the rat race

I was doing matched betting whilst I was working and I was making on average £900 a month alongside my job for 18 months. I decided that all this money combined with my job’s income, I would save and save and save until I had a big enough pot of money to get by on just my savings and income from matched betting. I was doing every single offer possible, including the small offers. You know, “Bet £5 to get £5” for the sake of £3 profit, I would do it! Everything adds up and I was thinking at the time, 50 of these tiny offers over 12 months would make me £150 which would cover my Oddsmonkey fees for 12 months, you can read my Oddsmonkey review here.

I would recommend doing every single offer that you have available to you. You will accelerate your earnings and savings much quicker in doing so. Not only that, you will gain more matched betting experience which will provide invaluable long-term. The more experience you can get with matched betting while having the insurance of a safe secure job is one of the best things you can do. I did this and I can say it was one of the best things I decided to do. It enabled me to do some more complicated matched betting techniques successfully for when I did quit my job.

full time matched betting

Leave the boring office behind

Matched betting for a living: 7 months in

In January and February 2017, I took a few holidays and had plenty of rest after working for a company for 4 years, I felt I needed a real break from everything and that is what I did. I then started matched betting in March 2017 and I made a killing that month. I made £4,130.04, yes four thousand, one hundred and thirty pounds and four pence. I literally placed a bet every single day in March and placed many different kinds of bets; accumulators, new sign-up offers and the copious reload offers that were available that month. The Cheltenham festival also helped and I made £750 across those 4 days alone! This is my biggest profit from matched betting in a single month and is one of my proudest achievements. I was very professional and organised in my approach; I used a spreadsheet to keep track of where my money was and what bets I had placed and how much money I was making. This is crucial for any matched bettor as it is so easy to lose focus and become distracted without clear recordings of your profits. After all, you want to know how much easy money you are making each month!

full time matched betting

Loads of money!

Fast forward to October 2017 and I had made £13,816.91 from matched betting over the 7 months. This meant I had averaged £1,973.84 each month tax-free and risk-free thanks to no risk matched betting. If I was still employed, I would be working in a job that would be paying me £31,000 a year due the income tax and national insurance differences. The tax-free element is really useful and you really do notice the difference, every penny is yours to keep.

I do many offers but I don’t even bother with anything less than a £10 free bet. It’s just not worth my time. My favourite ones are the accumulator refund offers as they are exciting and also very profitable, I do these every day and the returns are excellent, per accumulator I make probably £10 on average and you can easily do 100 of these in a month!

Another thing, learning matched betting on your own is tough so I recommend joining a service like Oddsmonkey as you will be in the best possible place to start matched betting. If you do decide you want to quit your job, I wish you good luck. 

Matched bettingFeel free to message me and I will ensure your queries are dealt with immediately. My email address is and I get back to all messages the same day.

If you are ready to make lots of risk free money, then have a browse through my site and use my expert knowledge of matched betting to improve your lifestyle today!

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