Cheltenham Festival 2018 Review, a diary of my daily profits this year!

Cheltenham Festival 2018 Review

Cheltenham Festival 2018 was a very busy four days for me as I was constantly betting everyday from Tuesday 13th – Friday 16th March 2018. I generally found myself starting matched betting everyday for the festival from 11:00 am each day of Cheltenham and finishing as late as 20:30 in the evening. Overall though it was worth every ounce of effort I put into this year’s Cheltenham festival as I managed to amass a profit of £1,245.27 which is almost £500.00 more profit than what I made from Cheltenham festival 2017.

On the final day of Cheltenham I made £129.65 from a casino offer which was from a £50 casino bonus so this was quite remarkable for me as I never do the casino reload offers so to make any sort of money from a casino offer is fantastic as I never dive into these kind of reload offers in the matched betting world. This casino offer required a 40x wagering meaning I need to place £2,000 worth of casino bets before I was able to withdraw any profit from the bookmaker. This only took me 45 minutes and I walked away with £129.65 so this was a great result for me. The reason I have started this article off by talking about a casino win is because I never do them and I was amazed I made anything from it. Anyway enough about casino offers; let’s talk about Cheltenham and the horse racing.

Cheltenham Festival 2018 Review

Cheltenham Festival 2018 Review

Pre-Cheltenham 12th March 2018

This year there were fantastic reload offers posted before Cheltenham had even started. On Monday 12th March, I had a cracking reload offer to do with Unibet which was the Cheltenham bank builder offer and all you had to do was bet £250 to get a £50 bonus. I managed to make £49 from this offer as the odds on a horse shortened massively before the off so I was really pleased with this result. This was after the £10 qualifying loss too from placing £250 of bets on horse racing at Unibet. Of course I do multi-accounting so I was able to do this offer in a few people’s names as with all bets I speak about in this article. I don’t however want to go into too much detail about multi-accounting other than what I have just briefly mentioned there.

Day 1 Cheltenham 13th March 2018

This was my biggest profit over the whole of Cheltenham festival 2018 and I amassed a profit of £426.25! The busiest race was the very first race at 13:30 and there were loads of reload offers for this one race. The Skybet offer where they refunded losses as a free bet to your stake was one offer I did on this race as I did everyday on the first race. This made me £12 per day which was awesome. Betway also did something similar where they refunded you a free bet if you lost on the 13:30 and 17:30 races each day. This also made £12 per day every day. I also had loads of emails sent to me about awesome Cheltenham festival offers. At one point my inbox had over 30 emails from bookmakers! The bet365 offer was also fantastic where you could £50 in free bets provided you bet £50 prior to the featured race. I didn’t do their 4/1 offer at all as this can be known to gub people. I also had a cracking reload offer from Betbright where I bet £100 to get £50 in sportsbook bonuses and £50 casino bonus. I ignored the casino bonus on this occasion and just did the sportsbook bonus to make £26 profit by underlaying on the matched betting calculator.

Day 2 Cheltenham festival 2018 14th March

On Day 2 I made £116.98 which wasn’t a huge amount but it all adds up overall. I also took about £15 in losses on this day due to me trying to target the extra place on a few horse races. Again I did the Skybet and Betway offers on both the first and final race which helped top up the day’s profit. I also hit a winner on the Betfair 3/1 offer which was a real boost. Not a busy day on day 2 but the profit was still 3 figures so I was happy with that.

Day 3 Cheltenham festival 2018 15th March

On day 3 I made £201.21 profit which was much better than day 2. I was really busy on day 3 because I had bets that were settling long after the final race of Cheltenham and the final race finished at 20:30 Chelmsford so I was really busy. I hit the Betfair 3/1 winner a couple of times and I didn’t attempt any extra places today at all.

Day 4 Cheltenham festival 2018 16th March

On the final day of Cheltenham festival 2018 I made £317.57 and this was thanks to the casino offer I mentioned in this article above. I also hit the Betfair 3/1 offer on one bet I did and took a £40 loss on extra place betting too but this didn’t bother me too much as I still managed to make £317.57 profit which was amazing.

Cheltenham Festival 2018 Review

Cheltenham Festival 2018 Review


So overall I made £1,245.27 profit for Cheltenham festival 2018 and the amounts I mentioned in each of the days above add up to this figure. This figure would not have been possible without using Oddsmonkey and their awesome software and tutorial guides initially. Of course as I mentioned, I do multi-accounting and this has helped make a four figure sum from Cheltenham this year.

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