The Man Behind Catbets

My name is Adam “Corkie” Corke. I am 26 years old and I am from Sheffield, South Yorkshire, United Kingdom.

My nickname has always been “Corkie”. At school, I was always called “Corkie”. At football practice, I was called “Corkie”. My closest friends also call me “Corkie”. My surname might as well have been “Corkie”.

Corkie Youtube Channel

I started a Youtube Channel called “Corkie” back in January 2018. I started the Corkie Youtube channel with a goal of helping people with matched betting and the channel got to the huge milestone of 1,000 subscribers in late May 2018. I have dedicated my time and effort in making a solid commitment in posting a video to Youtube at least once a day since I initially got started. I also created the Catbets website to keep in touch with my Youtube subscribers as well as posting useful articles to help everyone prosper from the wonderful space that is matched betting.

On Thursday 11th October 2018,  Youtube decided to terminate the Corkie Youtube channel. I had well over 2,100 subscribers when the channel got terminated. I appealed and got nowhere. 

On the back of this, I have now created a brand new YouTube channel which can be found here.

Corkie’s Additional Bookmaker List

During my journey (so far) on the Catbets website, many people have come to me wanting to know ways to make extra cash from matched betting. This lead to me releasing the Corkie’s Additional Bookmaker List as soon as the Youtube channel hit 1,000 subscribers. This was a way to celebrate reaching this massive milestone with all of my  subscribers and in turn; helping them make some extra cash from matched betting. The offers in this list made me a profit of £330.00 and has made many of my beloved subscribers similar profits already. One person posted a profit of £370 which is amazing! Even now, you could still make a profit of potentially £177.00 from the offers in the list.

You can download Corkie’s Additional Bookmaker list instantly here for just £4.99.

Corkie’s Casino System

With my initial launch of Corkie’s Additional Bookmaker list, this left many of my subscribers wanting more! So to help fulfil my subscribers’ demands, I then began work on Corkie’s Casino System. Corkie’s Casino System is designed to help people make a risk-free profit from the many casino sites without the usual high wagering requirements and variance which are commonly involved with casino bonuses. I launched Corkie’s Casino System on 16th July 2018 and has already helped over 550 people make some amazing profits! One person has even made £972 profit! When I tried out the casino system myself first, I managed to make a profit of £583.83 and then another £82.32 from reload offers already! One person has made over £2,750 profit with Corkie’s Casino System!

You can download Corkie’s Casino System instantly today for just £19.99 here.

How Did I Get Into Matched Betting?

I started doing matched betting in April 2015. I remember seeing a post on my old social media account from a friend saying that he made £33 tax-free in the space of 5 minutes. I instantly thought, “no way, this must be too good to be true?!?” Another part of me also thought “this must be some form of a scam”. However, after joining the free trial at Oddsmonkey and earning myself a very easy £40, I thought “wow, this must work”. I decided to invest in their premium membership and began my first full month matched betting.

After the first month, I made a whopping £800 entirely tax-free thanks to Oddsmonkey’s amazing service. I was hooked. Pure and simple. From then on, I have done matched betting regularly every single month to make some extra cash. The rest is history.

You can join Oddsmonkey here for £1 for the next 7 days using code “SMARKETSZERO”.


Qutting My Job To Do Matched Betting

In August 2016 I had decided I could finally sustain a living from matched betting alone. I handed in my notice at my old accountancy job and was ready to serve my final few months at work in the corporate world. Fast forward to December 2016 and I was preparing myself for my final day at work. I was nervous as I kept repeating to myself “I am about to quit my job to do matched betting full time”. Sometimes I even had to pinch myself as I couldn’t believe I had actually done it! At the same time, I was also full of enthusiasm and excitement. I was about to quit a dull job to do something I can honestly say I love doing.

Throughout 2017, I relied solely on matched betting to provide my living. I did nothing else other than just matched betting to support my lifestyle and of course my living. It was amazing. I didn’t do any matched betting at all during January and February 2017. Instead I was having a break from working and preparing myself mentally for doing matched betting at the start of March 2017. In the 10 months of 2017, I made a tax-free profit from matched betting of a staggering £20,000.00!

If you are interested in my story of how I quit my old job and went on to do matched betting for a living, read my article I wrote in December 2017 on LinkedIn here. (You need to be logged into LinkedIn to be able to view the article.)

Helping People With Matched Betting: My Biggest Passion

My goal is to help as many people as possible to make the most amount of money possible from matched betting. I get such an amazing feeling when I open up an email from someone saying how I helped them make some extra cash however much it may be. One of the greatest feelings in recent times is for someone to purchase Corkie’s casino system and tell me they made £972.

So a product I created helped someone make £972 profit! This is why I got started; I wanted to make a difference.

My passion now is to help people make a regular income from matched betting each month with my help via my free advice available on the Catbets site. I also look at new ways to make money from the matched betting space and share these with all my subscribers and people who visit the Catbets site.

I enjoy making money from matched betting but to help people also make money from matched betting, is the best feeling. To ensure all my viewers make the most amount of profit possible, I decided to affiliate two of the biggest companies in the matched betting industry. These are Smarkets and Oddsmonkey. Without using the services these two key companies provide, I can honestly say that I wouldn’t make as much from matched betting. Everyone who messages me asking how to get started matched betting, I always recommend the services both Smarkets & Oddsmonkey provide.

Feel free to message me and I will ensure your queries are dealt with immediately. My email address is and I get back to all messages the same day.

If you are ready to make lots of risk-free money, then have a browse through my site and use my expert knowledge of matched betting to help improve your lifestyle today!

Make sure you also get your copy of Corkie’s Free Information Guide (Worth £50.00) by subscribing to the email subscriber list.