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My name is Adam Corke and I have created Catbets to help people see how easy matched betting is to start and to make a long, regular and recurring income from. I started matched betting in April 2015 after a friend told me how much he made in such a short space of time, plus the fact it was all tax-free certainly caught my attention. 18 months into matched betting, I decided that I had finally made matched betting sustainable enough to live on and took the noble decision to quit my 9-5 job. Here are some snippets of some of my favourite articles on this site!

Oddsmonkey review – Take advantage of 0% at Smarkets by clicking here.

Oddsmonkey review

Join Oddsmonkey for free!

I have used Oddsmonkey since February 2017 and initially I didn’t use their service all that much due to me being on holiday in Barcelona. I got started properly with their service in March 2017 and in my first solid month; I earned £4,130.04. This is still my biggest month of matched betting profits and I really did every possible sign up offer/reload offer I could have done. I have enjoyed their service every single month I have used them and I have to be honest with you, they should charge a lot more than the £17.99 a month fee they currently charge. The value you are getting out of their premium membership is out of this world and in your first month, you could easily make £1,200 from using their service. This means you are getting over 66 times the value in just a month! Read the full Oddsmonkey review here!

Smarkets review – Take advantage of 0% commission and get £10 for free by clicking here.

Smarkets review

Join Smarkets for free!

I first signed up to Smarkets in April 2015 which was the same time I first started doing matched betting. In that time, I have placed over £160,000 worth of bets and paid approximately £3,416.19 in commission (at the time of writing this review). At first I used Betfair to do all my matched betting but then I found out about Smarkets and how low their commissions were on winning bets. In a month, I had placed around £10,000 worth of bets on Betfair and worked out that had I used Smarkets instead, I would have saved around £300 for the month in commission which is quite a hefty saving! Using Smarkets since then, I have saved a staggering £4,650 in commission as Betfair charge 5% commission on winning bets compared to Smarkets low 2% commission! That difference really adds up over time as you can see with my own experience. Read the full Smarkets review here! 

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