Corkie’s Additional Bookmakers list

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£9.99 £4.99

Yes – I Want £307.00 Of Free Bets! 

  • You are a Matched Betting Fan
  • You know Free Bets from signup offers are the quickest and easiest way to bump up your profits
  • And you wouldn’t say no to an easy £307.00 worth of Free Bets!
  • With “Corkie’s Additional Bookmakers List”
  • 9 Bookies signup offers
  • All “tried, tested and approved” – and fully regulated and licensed by the UK Gambling Commission
  • All my friends, subscribers – who helped with the “testing”- and myself had a very pleasant time using these Bookies
  • No problems, friendly service and no hassle withdrawals
  • What a great feeling it is banking the profits!
  • Each Bookie has my unique video & written tutorial
  • With all the – easy to follow details, tactics and strategies
  • All the help you could ever need
  • To maximise you profits
  • And if you need any further assistance –
  • All you have to do is email me –


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“Corkie’s Additional Bookmakers List”

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Corkie’s Additional Bookmakers list

Make Over £307.00 With Free Bets

“Corkie’s Additional Bookmakers List”

Yours For Only £4.99!


Many of my subscribers have asked me to find them “new” Bookie Free Bet offers.

Because we all know Free Bets from signup offers are the easiest and quickest way to boost your Matched Betting profits.

But understandably my subscribers were worried about trying to find and use “untested” Bookies.

As a full time professional Matched Bettor, with over 70 Bookie accounts I know all the scams, pitfalls and the traps you can fall into.

There are quite a few rogue bookies on the net, here today, gone tomorrow. Others have outrageously high wagering requirements. Some don’t play fairly.

So I spent 3 months relentlessly searching the web for the reputable Bookies with the best sign up deals.

What an experience!

It was very interesting seeing the good the bad and the indifferent – but my goodness it did take a huge amount of time and effort applying all my “must have” safe, credible and honest Bookie “criteria.”

I avoided the “bad” firms like the plague.

And finally I found 9 excellent Bookies with great Free Bet offers.

So I put them to the test.


I used my own money. Signed up. Placed the qualifying bets. Got the free bets. And banked the profits.

All without any problems. And no hassle with the withdrawals.

And just to be completely sure I gave each Bookie to good friends of mine. And to my ever faithful earliest subscribers.  As you can imagine I didn’t want to let them down.

And they too got the Free Bets and ALL of them made profits of £307.00 and above (based on around a 70% free bet retention rate).

With an 80% retention rate it’s very possible to scoop £350.

I’m glad to say they were truly delighted.


So here’s what you get –

  • Excellent Sign Up Offers with Free Bets worth at least £307.00
  • With 9 reputable Bookies – all fully licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission
  • 4 of the Offers are super fast and easy Bet X – get X
  • The offers have reasonable (nothing ridiculous) wagering – and come with my simple to understand risk free wagering profit guide
  • Every Offer has my video tutorial and full written details – so every “sign-up” is easy to do
  • Including my recommended strategy for each Bookie, highlights of the “key” terms and expected profit
  • Everything you could possibly need is clear and straightforward so you can quickly bag your “free” money
  • And for your complete reassurance – if you have any questions, need any further help – you have full email support from me –


So, it’s all ready for you.

9 good Bookies with £307.00 of Free Bet offers.

For a mere £4.99. That’s only 55p a Bookie!

The cost just covers the time and effort in finding the Bookies and in recording the videos and writing the easy to grasp “instructions”

You’ll save endless hours trying to find your own Bookies. And won’t need to worry about getting everything “right.

Remember these Bookies have been “tried, tested and approved” not only by me but my close friends and subscribers

All with their profits safely in the bank

I am not affiliated with any of these 9 Bookies. I am entirely on your side

There are a couple of things you should be aware of

I haven’t had many re-load offers from these Bookies

But everyone was perfectly happy with the Free Bet profits!


The next thing is very important.

You must act quickly if you want my “Additional Bookmakers List”

Because I can’t be responsible if any of the Offers change.

I keep checking and double – checking that the Offers are still available.


And they are!

I’m sure you’ll still be thrilled with the money you’ll have made with the offers!

Do remember – it is up to you to carefully check all the Bookie’s Terms and Conditions. 

And watch and read all my tutorials.

Make absolutely sure you understand them before you “sign – up” and place any bets.

You’ll appreciate I am not liable for any “mistakes” you make.

Also due to the nature of this “additional bookmakers list” being a digital product, no refunds can be issued.


If you are unsure about anything or need any assistance –

Please email me –

I’m always here to help you.

Again please don’t delay.

Don’t let this “Free” £307.00 slip away!


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“Corkie’s Additional Bookmakers List”

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And Start Getting Your £307.00!

6 reviews for Corkie’s Additional Bookmakers list

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Richard Bagshaw

    Literally did the first offer and made my investment back, very clear instructions and great videos! Adam is always available if you get stuck as well so I had no worries or concerns about using this list!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Kev M

    You need this – Each video tutorial goes into great detail and covers everything you need to know to complete the offers. You’d be mad to pass this by, just follow Adam’s simple instructions and you’ll make over £300. Lets hope he’s already working on the next list of offers!!

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    John (verified owner)

    The best list of well explained matched betting offers i have ever seen. Newbies will love this, Pro matched bettors will love this. You will easily profit from the list!!! He is a matched betting mastermind.
    Checkout ‘Corkie matched betting’ on Youtube.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    keith (verified owner)

    cheers corks….. finished em all. made around 370 ish squid from your mail.. well worth the fiver payment me thinks !! bit of a no brainier for anyone hanging on the fence.. keep going mate you are a star !

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    Andy (verified owner)

    Awesome list. Only done 2 offers so far and already almost £100 up. If you are unsure of anything, the very useful video guides are there to help. Adam would always respond to my emails and help me if i ran into any issues. Definitely worth doing if you fancy a few hundred quid!

  6. Rated 5 out of 5

    Las (verified owner)

    Marvelous list. Little goldmine. Well put together and very easy to complete with the help of the written and video guide. Much appreciated for the effort. Perfect work. Would be a mistake to miss the guaranteed profit. Hundreds in no time…. Well worth the 4.99. Thanks Corkie.

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